Chinese probe reveals new mystery of the dark side of the moon

Chinese probe reveals new mystery of the dark side of the moon

View of the reverse side of the moon from the Chinese apparatus

In fact, the dark side of the moon is not darker than the “light” one. However, recent data indicate that nighttime temperatures are colder there.

Earth satellite is tied to our planet in a gravitational block, which means it is always turned by one side. However, the moon rotates, supporting the cycle of changing days and nights. These periods cover about 14 days.

The Apollo mission data showed that the moonlit surface illuminated by the Sun can warm up to 127 ° C and descend to -173 ° C at night. However, all this information concerned only the side of the Moon turned towards us. Thanks to the new Chinese mission, which was sunk on January 3, it was possible to fix colder temperatures at night in the back half. The Chinese unit Chang'e-4 and its rover Yutu-2 awoke in late January after a power-saving mode. Received information on Earth showed that the temperature on the far side of the moon had fallen to -190 ° C.

Scientists believe that the difference is based on differences in the lunar composition of the soil between the two sides. However, more research is needed to confirm the findings. It turns out that in the lunar soil on the back there is something that makes the surface retain less heat.

Chang'e-4 is the first mission to study the dark side of the moon, so all the remaining data is considered unique. Maybe soon we will reveal the secret of low temperature and soil composition.

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