Khao Kala group meditates to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence

Khao Kala group meditates to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence

“I saw them with my own eyes. Now I am working on learning how to communicate with them. The aliens choose who to talk to based on the person’s willingness to make contact. ” 26-year-old Tararat Torgharoen (second from left behind) joined the group because she was interested in developing her drachma.

Thailand can serve you not only as a tourist town. If you are careful and find yourself in the city of Nakhonsavan, you can find a group of people who practice meditation to communicate with UFOs and extraterrestrial guests.

You could even see calendars that look like Buddhist in appearance. However, they depict meditating people, over which soars a UFO or a bright light. What is this about?

Nakhonsavan (“paradise city”) is considered the administrative center in the province of the same name in Thailand. But ufologists are interested in this part of the world because of Mount Khao Kala, which is considered one of the most active UFO sights in Asia.

Khao Kala group meditates to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence

The group’s history began in 1998. Former monk Cherd Chuensamnuan said that he hears the voices of newcomers who began to contact him during meditation. One of the voices tried to warn of an impending catastrophe, which was destined to destroy half of the world's population. Chuensamnuan immediately called his daughter Somjit and shared his experience. However, she was very skeptical and said that she would believe only after seeing everything with her own eyes. She jokingly told her father to send them to her.

The next night the bell rang, and the father simply said: "They are coming." Somjit and the other sisters came out on the porch of their house and saw a UFO hovering in the sky. They described it in the form of a large rotating disk whose center burned in amber color.

Thus, the daughter joined the father, and they established a small UFO liaison group through meditative practices. By the way, they are not the only ones who declare that they regularly hear the voices of the newcomers. Many locals also note the presence of bright lights in the sky.

Khao Kala group meditates to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence

Defan Muangman (a former heart surgeon trained at Harvard) demonstrates the use of his EMF meter to record the proximity of newcomers.

The Kao Kala group continues to meditate and interact with alien beings. Some participants give this case 3 hours a day, and may interrupt the practice for a period of six months. Those who meditate every day say that they are becoming a kind of receiver and mediator for communication between humans and aliens. The members of Khao Kala declare that the group has a main mission - to save the population of the Earth from destruction. Where did the aliens come from? Somjit says voices come from the planet Loku located in another star system. It is three times larger than the Earth, and the aliens move by jumping with a length of 5 m between the points. They feed on tablets (one per day), which are created on the basis of native plants.

Khao Kala group meditates to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence

Somjit compares his alien experience with how it is presented in science fiction films.

You will easily recognize the members of this group. They are usually dressed in white outfits and meditate near the statue of the Buddha in the area of ​​145. Followers say that the gates to the alien dimension are hidden here. The founder of the group, Khao Kala Cherd Chuensamnuan, died in 2000 and now his daughter Somjit is in charge of everything. Some members of the group even quit to devote all the time to meditation.

No one says what kind of catastrophe is approaching the Earth and how the group will be able to prevent it. But members of Khao Kala continue to listen to voices from another system, believing that they are destined to save the planet.

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