The best summer vacation in the Azovsky resort network

The best summer vacation in the Azovsky resort network

Everyone is looking forward to the approach of summer. This is a time for vacations, holidays and family trips, when you can spend time with loved ones. Traditionally, people go to the water and beaches to catch a tan and cope with the heat and heat. However, the choice of location should be taken care of in advance. The best and most profitable places are booked first. And if you plan to relax with your family, then you should visit the Azov resort network

Family trips are always difficult to organize, especially if you are traveling with small children. It is necessary to take care of their safety and leisure, and also not to forget that parents need personal time. Some sacrifice some family members to others (often parents focus exclusively on children). However, the Azov resort network was created to meet the needs of everyone.

Here is a full-fledged complex, including comfortable hotels at an affordable price with all amenities, playgrounds and a water park, as well as a beautiful area planted with blooming greenery. The network is located in a beautiful place - the Crimea, where you can find a wonderful warm climate, rich natural landscape, as well as warm sea and clean beaches. The pension is located near the coast, so you do not have to spend a lot of time on the trip from the sea to the hotel and back. If you do not like salt water, you can always use the pool. There is also a huge water park with safe slides and lifeguards. In total, you will find 4 bathing areas, where parents can enjoy a heated pool.

If you want to warm up, use the sports fields. Here you can jog, as well as play football, basketball and tennis. Some are happy to organize competitions where children can get cups and medals. Swimmers train with pleasure in the open-air swimming pool, and in the covered sports ground they provide services of children's gymnastics. So your family will not only take a rest, but also take a health promotion course.

Children and adults have the opportunity to go for a massage and spa treatments. Beauty salons provide manicure and pedicure services, as well as skin cleansing. While the parents are resting, the kids are carried away by the most interesting entertainment programs. These are various contests, themed parties, Neptune Day, youth, and sports. On the beach there are always lifeguards and guards, so do not have to worry about the safety of the baby. If this is all pall, then you can always go on various excursions. Break out for a day in the water park Koktebel or Sudak, admire the castles and nature of Yalta, ride horses, go out to sea on the boat, and also visit the dolphin show. Adults will enjoy wine tasting or a walk around Kazantip. You can always visit the local reserve and ostrich farm.

Three meals a day or five meals a day is presented in a rich buffet, including a full set of dishes with healthy vegetables and fruits. Be sure to visit the site to book seats in time, to get acquainted with the full list of services and prices. In addition, on the main page you will find various current offers and discounts.

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