Exolaunch is planning an ambitious launch campaign

Exolaunch is planning an ambitious launch campaign

The German company Exolaunch is preparing the most complex constellation of satellites

The German spacecraft launch service provider Exolaunch is preparing the most difficult cluster of satellites to date. In the spring or summer of this year, the company intends to send 40 small satellites into orbit, including 16 Cubesat models for the Momentus startup. To launch using the Russian rocket Union.

The cluster is striking in its geographical composition, because it includes satellites from the USA, Canada, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Spain, Israel, Australia, Ecuador, Russia, Thailand, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

Since its launch in 2013, Exolaunch representatives sent 54 satellites into orbit. Among them were both small and 110-pound apparatus. Many were German spaceships that received funding from the German Aviation and Astronautics Center (DLR). In 2019, the company plans to put into orbit more than 60 Cubesat models and micro-satellites using several launch vehicles. Now they are using the services of the Russian Soyuz rocket, but they are going to expand the partnership with the Indian Space Research Organization.

Exolaunch is not only involved in launching spacecraft, but also has developed its own line of deployment mechanisms and separation systems for Cubesat and micro-satellites in the range of 15-150 kg.

Among the company's customers are two well-known startups in terms of satellite constellations: Spire Global and Iceye. In 2019, launches are also being prepared for two Iceye synthetic aperture micro radar satellites. In addition, the company will manage these missions.

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