Hey Spock! It seems we have found your home planet

Hey Spock! It seems we have found your home planet

Artistic vision of a newly discovered planet around 40 Eridani A, known for its reference to the “Star Trek”

Planet Vulcan is the home of Spock in the Star Trek series. But now exoplanet scientists say it can be real. The creators of the franchise tied the planet Vulcan with the real star 40 Eridani A, so the researchers for many years tried to understand whether there is a true equivalent of a beloved fantasy world. Now scientists believe that the star is able to have at least one planet.

The star is 16 light-years away from us and is also called HD 26965. It is endowed with a light orange color, since it is inferior in size and temperature to the Sun. But in terms of age and pattern of spots resembles our star. In some ways, this is great news for Vulcans (the fantastic population of Vulcan), because HD 26965 can be the perfect star for the development of advanced civilization. Next to HD 26965 there are two more stars that can be observed from the surface of the planet. However, the world itself does not seem so attractive, because it is too close to the star to keep liquid water on the surface. But scientists are not completely sure about this, because they are still revising key characteristics. The concrete world should be twice as large as the Earth, but the year covers only 42 days.

The researchers are fascinated not only by the connection with the film “Star Trek”. The fact is that this find can be a super-Earth discovered by DPS.

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