What to expect from the Full Moon April 19, 2019

What to expect from the Full Moon April 19, 2019

On April 19, 2019, you will have the opportunity to admire the fully illuminated disk of the Moon, since this is the Full Moon period.

This is a special period, because it will come at a time when the Earth’s satellite will be in the direction of the constellation Libra and enter into opposition with the Sun. Typically, the moment of such confrontation creates a huge energy wave, which will play a positive or negative role.

Get ready for haste, bustle and psychological discomfort on the part of the Moon. But the influence of the Sun will allow you to go through unexpected changes and get the opportunity to make an important choice. Most likely, on April 19, there will be a desire to radically change life, especially if you have long felt in a stagnation or a trap.

Astrologers advise to follow the impulse and trust the inner voice, but at the same time do not act sharply and thoughtlessly, otherwise you will not avoid a nervous breakdown. Do not forget that the Moon is in Libra, and this zodiac sign does not like extremes and motivates to keep balance in everything.

What is useful to do in the Full Moon April 19:

  • Plan your day and highlight two main goals that will catch your attention and allow you not to be distracted by trifles.
  • Get creative, strengthen family relationships and develop yourself. Today it is useful to relax and dream.
  • avoid any stressful situations and try to tune in to harmony.
  • Romantic dates or small parties will be helpful.

What not to do on the Full Moon April 19:

  • to proceed with the implementation of ideas (only drawing up a plan).
  • Go on a business trip or a long trip.
  • quarrel, swear, criticize and provoke a scandal.
  • contact large sums of money (ask for a loan or give someone money).
  • Go to the dentist or go for surgery.
  • give in to excessive emotionality.

Do not forget that the Full Moon period is still characterized by emotional instability. You will have to go through a causeless change of mood, but your task is to keep balance and try to stay calm.

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